Portway Yacht Charters - Scotland

Yacht Charter Management

.... or How to Own a Yacht without the Yacht owning You!

In the beginning

  • Dreamt of owning your own yacht, but can't justify the cost?
  • Considered the idea of Charter Ownership, but don't want to be locked in to a complicated long-term management contract?
  • Yacht price somewhat inflated for charter placements?
  • Don't want the hassle and cost of looking after a yacht (feels like standing under a cold shower tearing up £50 notes!)?
  • Free time limited and only able to use the yacht yoursewlf occasionaly, or at short notice?

Your individual requirements:

  • You want to receive an income to pay the operating costs and even gain a return on your investment;
  • You want your yacht to be professionally maintained to the highest standards;
  • You want a larger yacht than can to afford;
  • You want to reclaim the VAT on the purchase price;
  • You want reassurance of income without tying yourself into a long term agreement;
  • You want a package tailored to your individual requirements and rather than a standard deal that doesn't suit you;
  • You ant to make an investment the whole family can enjoy, now and in years to come;

Portway Yacht Charter Management meets your needs by:

  • Offering you the ultimate flexibility, with a package tailored to your individual needs;
  • Chartering your yacht for you for as many weeks as you want, reserving certain times of the year for your own use;
  • Ensuring your yacht conforms to all the latest legal requirements, and overseing all survey and measurement reports;
  • Ensuring your yacht will be safeguarded and ready for you when you need her;
  • Offering preferential rates for mooring fees and insurance, together with discounts on equipment purchases;
  • Never forgetting whose yacht she is.

Our strengths:

  • Portway Yacht Charters (Scotland) Ltd is a long established Yacht Charter Management Company;
  • As Charter Managers, we ensure all potential charterers meet the stringent criteria for chartering including RYA Qualifications, references and crew experience;
  • You can draw on our long experience of running Charter Yachts.

The Next Step:

Choosing your yacht

  • We have relationships with Agents for Dufour, Bénéteau and Bavaria yachts and can provide a quotation of the cost of bringing a new yacht into charter.
  • Used yachts are also available through our Charter fleet where owners are upgrading or changing their yachts.  These yachts have the advantage of a proven track record.
  • We are also happy to provide a quotation to bring your existing yacht up to the DOT code of practice standards required to allow you to charter.

Choosing your location.

We offer bases on the Clyde and the West Coast of Scotland.

Choosing your Purchase options

We can assist with advice on the best way to fund your purchase and have relationships with connections with the Clydesdale Bank which can provide tailored packages for the purchase of Yachts for charter.