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Portway Yacht Charters (Scotland) Ltd

... commenced life as a franchise of Portway Yacht Charters Ltd, an operation set up by Alan Porter who was an agent for Dufour yachts on the south coast of England.  Franchises were established in the UK and in Europe and Turkey which in the early days had fleets comprised mostly of Dufour and Gib Sea yachts. Rhu Marina on the Clyde took an agency selling these yachts and when in 1998 they took a Portway Franchise, Tom Mowat joined them to manage the charter yachts. 

The franchise business was wound up in 2001 when most of the companies involved continued to trade under different names but several, including the Clyde base, continued the name but not the Franchise.  When in 2005 Rhu marina decided to sell the business it was purchased by Cameron Still and Tom Mowat who have since operated from Kip Marina on the Clyde and Craobh marina 20 miles south of Oban, on the west coast of Scotland.

Image - Tom Mowat - Portway's senior partner


... the senior member of the team, has been sailing for about 50 years, mostly on the Clyde where he raced a variety of yachts, and on the west coast taking part in the Clyde Cruising Club events and in West Highland week, as well as cruising with his family and long suffering wife.

Over his sailing life Tom owned many yachts including Loch Longs, a Scottish Islander, an eight metre cruiser racer, and a succession of GRP yachts, many of them named Caitlin. Following on the tradition, Caitlin VI, belonging to Cameron Still, is one of the Portway charter yachts.   

Tom had been involved with Charter yachts for about twenty five years and had run his own charter company at Kip Marina since 1993.  Some of his first customers at Kip are still chartering with Portway today. 

Image: Cameron Still - Portway partner and keen competitive yachtsman


Cameron,Tom's son-in-law, is now doing the things Tom did 30 years ago and is racing on the Clyde and South Coast. He owns a yacht which is one of our charter fleet.

Cameron has been sailing for 30 years, cutting his teeth as a student looking after a Swan 46 and has many years of International Yacht racing experience. He is currently the Honorary Sailing Secretary at Royal Gourock Yacht Club and in the process of resurrecting Yacht Racing on the West Patch of the Clyde. Cameron spends most of his time on the shores of many dinghy events supporting his youngest son Alex who is in the Scottish Laser Squad on an intense programme for the Youth Championships in Largs in 2012.